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Web Wednesday ~ The Rule of Thirds

For anyone that knows me or my photographic style, you'll know that the rule of thirds is something that I adhere to pretty consistently.  Taking a glance back through my work, I've noticed it doesn't seem to matter if I'm photographing people or landscapes, add some grid lines to the image and you'll notice they're all the same.  Heck...I'm pretty sure the rule of thirds grid is even activated on my camera at this very moment.  So why is the rule of thirds so crucial to photography?  

I found this great article online that breaks down the rule of thirds and what it really does in respect to improving your photography.

'The idea is that you place the most important elements of the image...near one of the lines or at one of the four intersecting points of the grid. Doing so creates a strong counterpoint in an image.' - Photographytalk

This photograph of baby Ollie demonstrates exactly what is being addressed in the article.  By placing one of the lines over Ollie's nose, I've helped to draw the eye to his face, bringing attention to his tiny little features.  

'Shifting the primary subject to one side or the other immediately gives the image a greater feeling of dimension because your eyes spend slightly more time finding the subject and investigating how it relates to its surroundings.' - Photographytalk

As you can see above, the rule of thirds helped me to highlight the primary subject; Ollie.  This rule can also be applied to landscapes, which will help to make sense of the many elements in the frame.  If used correctly, it can aid you in appropriately dealing with horizon lines as well.  For example, in the image below the rule of thirds is used to align the horizon with the upper grid line, with the dock also intersecting one of the four corner points.  This helps to move the eye through the image, starting at the vibrant red canoes, moving across the lake and sweeping up the mountain side to meet the clouds.

If you look closely, there are plenty of examples all around you that display the visual impact that using the rule of thirds creates.  Next time you pick up a magazine, take a closer look at the product photography, the ads for your favourite make-up or hair product, you'll begin to notice they all have something in common.  Even the newest movie poster for that up-coming blockbuster will employ some of these rules to their advantage.

If you're looking for more information or want to learn more about the rule of thirds, check out the article from Photographytalk...your composition and images will thank you.