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Web Wednesday ~ 26 Types of Photographers

Have you ever sat down and considered what type of photographer you are?  Let's face it, there are plenty of varying types out there, and I'm not just talking about the good and the bad.  According to an article published on Photographytalk, there are actually 26 types of photographers.  Wow...I don't know about you, but 26 seems like a rather large number to me.  I can honestly say I've always thought of photography, or photographers, falling into one of four categories: Photo Journalist, Portrait/Event, Commercial or Artistic.  As you look at each of these four titles, I'm sure you just placed yourself into one of these groups with relative ease.

Now, I'm not saying that all photography is limited to fitting inside of these four categories, but most specialties can find a happy home under these umbrella terms.  

Wedding and family photographers would find themselves in the category of Portrait/Event, where as travel photographers may fall under the category of Photo Journalist.  The idea here is that each of these groups is broad enough to cover most facets of modern photography.

I just took a quiz online that used these exact categories, which helped to determine what type of photographer I am.  It's not that I don't already know or am unsure of where I stand, but I wanted to see if filling in a few random questions would actually produce the right answer.  So here are my results: (I elected to do the quiz twice, changing my response to what was my second choice for each question)

What type of Photographer are you?

1. Photo Journalist Photographer ~ You are never happier than when you are in the thick of humanity and documenting everything you see, that's why we think you'd make a killer photo journalist. You like to observe the world around you, right? You have been known to really enjoy chaotic moments and love mixing things up. So go for it!

2. Portrait and Event Photographer ~ Hey there, social butterfly! You get along great with all types of people and like to make them look their best, so we think you'd be a great fit in portrait or event photography. You are meticulous but can also be spontaneous in your work. You also like to have fun while you work and at play. Congratulations!

I have to be honest, I think both of these answers suit me just fine.  I do love documenting life just as it is, finding the beauty in the moment, but I also like helping people look their best and documenting that as well.  These answers have hit the nail on the head when I'm the subject.  

So now that I've determined that I know where I stand, I'm even more curious what these 26 types of photographers can possible be...and what kind am I going to be?

Well here is the list for you:

1. The Gig Photographer

2. The Biologist

3. The Hipster

4. The Street Shooter

5. The Avid Traveler

6. The Compulsive Photographer

7. The Wildlife Photographer

8. The Purist

9. The Landscape Shooter

10. The Night Lover

11. The Gourmet

12. The California Dreamer

13. The Light Painter

14. The Model Photographer

15. The Dare Devil

16. The Astro-photographer

17. The Architect

18. The Photojournalist

19. The Back-to-the-Roots Photographer

20. The Car Chaser

21. The Self Portrait Photographer

22. The Still Life Shooter

23. The Minimalist

24. The Wedding Shooter

25. The Storm Chaser

26. The Mobile Photographer

Ummm...I have to be honest, I'm a little overwhelmed by this list.  Don't get me wrong, there are descriptions that go along with each of these categories, and they can definitely help to narrow down where you might belong.  But at first glance I feel as though I would fit into many of these categories, which makes me feel a little wishy-washy and undefined.  I can't help but question if perhaps I need to focus my shooting and business a little more, honing in on a specific style; mastering that before moving on and learning another.  But is that really necessary?  Do we all need to fit perfectly into a nice little bubble, or can we all be a little wishy-washy and varied in our preferred styles?  I think we can.  Depending on the mood that day, where you are and who you're with can all effect what style of photography you may par-take in.  I say embrace the varied...embrace the undefined.

So what about you?  Do you fit into these categories all nice-nice and clear cut...or are you like me and feel you can check off multiple titles beside your name?