Starbucks Exhibition - Lostlake Studios

Starbucks Exhibition

We have officially entered into the world of art exhibitions!

For the first time, Lostlake Studios has art work on display at a local coffee shop...which perhaps isn't the fanciest place of all...but it does command a guaranteed viewing over the next few weeks. Between now and the 14th of March, are little collection of work will be up for viewing and discussion.

It was during the summer of 2014 that I was in this particular Starbucks and chatting with a friend about how I would love to display some of my own art work up on the walls.  They are one of the last local shops that still has an art wall display.  I hadn't given it much thought in terms of execution...but had thought it would be a great way to increase our exposure....and also give us a reason to print out some of our collection.  Fast forward to 2 nights ago and I received a phone call stating the walls were bare and that I was free to come in that evening to put my stuff up on display. 

Now two things came to had no clue I was even next in line (so felt completely un-prepared)...and we just moved into our new house I had NO idea where all the frames and art pieces were packed away.  Twenty-four crazy hours later and we found ourselves in Starbucks mounting our display...with large scale prints....and everything framed!!  

It was a rather hectic process to make everything come together...but we made it work.  I'm  actually quite proud and impressed by how quickly we managed to get it all organized to be honest...haha!

I'm genuinely thrilled and couldn't wait to share the news.  So if you're in the area...head on over to Starbucks at Willow Park and check out our display.