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Fun at the Beach ~ The Park Family

I don't know about you, but I'm definitely feeling the winter blues.  Long days of no sun, fog and cloud covered skies in Kelowna have me dreaming of warm summer days spent at the beach.  Luckily, I have images from a summer shoot I did that help me remember.  This past summer I was very pregnant, with our little guy due in July, so I was unable to enjoy the warmth in all of its Okanagan glory.  That being said, I still managed to spend some early mornings down on the beach.  

One particular morning was spent with the Park family...or at least part of it.  Jen, Aubree, baby Logan and Nana met with me one warm summer morning to play in the sand while dad was at work.  We had tons of fun playing in the water and squishing the sand between our toes.  Nana and Aubree had fun running along the beach, while mom and Logan relaxed by the water.

During our summer morning shoot, Aubree and Nana found some beautiful feathers along the beach front that I still have pressed in my day planner...a fantastic reminder of that day.  Little Logan who was three months old at the time, is now nine months old and I can't help but marvel at how much he has changed.  I genuinely can't wait for next summer when we can take all of the kiddies down to the beach and enjoy some family fun...perhaps a picnic, games and family photo shoot.