Family Fun along the Boardwalk - Lostlake Studios

Family Fun along the Boardwalk

Last weekend I had a fantastic family shoot!  Our winter family session included everything from snowball fights (me and my camera included), kisses in the snow and copious amounts of laughter; what more could you ask for.

I got the chance to spend another afternoon capturing Ashley and her beautiful daughter Mads, this time along the Maude Roxby Wetlands Boardwalk here in Kelowna.  Pius (or daddy as he was referred too throughout the day), also got the chance to join us.  So with me husband along as second shooter, a fresh blanket of crisp white snow and Mads' red jacket for contrast, we were set to capture some great images.

This was one of those photo shoots that goes by so quickly, you blink and can't believe almost two hours has passed and you've captured hundreds of images.  From the precious moments between a father and his daughter, to the hilarious and spontaneous snowball fight started by Miss Mads herself, this is a family session I won't soon forget.

Below is just a small selection of what was captured, but it definitely shows how much fun we all had.