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Natural Light Lifestyle Photography ~ Capturing the 'everyday'  moments.

Capturing those awe-inspiring and beautifully intimate moments between a family is done with passion and grace.  This is my passion!  This is something I work towards everyday; and have been working towards for 7 years.  I long to capture the look between a husband and wife as they watch their eldest child kiss their newborn ever so gently.  I love seeing and photographing the joy and excitement on a child's face when mum and dad get down on their hands and knees to play with them.  Whether in the home or out-and-about on an adventure, the moments shared between family and close friends is a wonder to behold; something that should be captured and treasured for years.

I myself, am a new wife and mum and marvel everyday at the changes my family and beautiful baby boy go through.  However, with these changes comes a little emotion, the "he's getting so big so quick" sadness, or the "I can't believe we've already been married for this long" realization.  I'm sure you can empathize with me here.  

It is because of these changes that I know and appreciate the importance of capturing the milestones, the first steps and the first birthday, but I also know and can't stress enough, the importance of capturing the small everyday moments that occur as well. Snuggles on the couch in our pj's while watching Saturday morning cartoons, is something that I know will not happen forever.  I know there will come a day when he no longer thinks it's cool to snuggle with mum.  It is on that day and the many days after, I will be able to look back at the images and appreciate everything that has been captured.

This is something I want to help you with.  I want you to have these images as well!  I want you to know that when you're baby is all grown up, or your marriage is reaching it's 30th anniversary, you'll always have something to look back on.  So join me on my journey of embracing the small things and capturing the beautiful 'everyday' moments.  


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