2016 ~ New Year, New Vibe - Lostlake Studios

2016 ~ New Year, New Vibe

New Year, New Vibe - that is going to be my motto for 2016.  So much happened in 2015 I could spend the next week typing it all out, telling you all about the year my family grew by two; with the addition of my beautiful son and my wonderful nephew.  I could also tell you about the purchase of our new house, or the fact that we finally decided to take Lostlake Studios to more professional standing by acquiring the formal name and licencing.  But all of that would be about looking backwards, about focusing on the things that have already come and gone.  I want 2016 to be about moving forwards; I want to spend my days looking towards the future and appreciating the moments at hand.  

So with that in mind, let me tell you all about what I have planned for this year, both personally and professionally.

I plan on making 2016 my best year yet; on many levels.  From a personal stand point, there are plenty of things in the works.  We move into our new home at the end of January and will begin our new adventure as home owners.  I will be taking Ollie on a trip to England to visit my grandmother sometime this year, which will be his first international soiree.  I also go back to work at the end of June, which is when my maternity leave is over.  I, however, have set a goal for myself, between now and the end of this year, I want to create a business that allows me to work for myself full-time and also care for my son.  I am actively going to push and promote my business, vigorously working towards this goal. 

With some clear cut goals on the personal side of things, I have also set out some serious business goals for myself.  With a new found sense of direction and purpose on the business front, I will be launching a new series on the blog that I'm very excited about.  I have also narrowed down my brand to two distinct aspects of photography; Family and Lifestyle.  Both of these categories of photography are definitely what I'm most passionate about (unless you count travel photography...which has always been a personal favourite) and will be the most prominent style of shoot going up on the blog and galleries going forward.  Each week you'll also see blog posts that will be broken up into three distinct categories / days: My Work Mondays, Web Wednesdays and Feature Fridays.  Let me explain a little more about each of these.

Each Monday will be a highlight on a photo session that I've completed, either recently, or perhaps a rehash of an older shoot.  Sneak peaks and weekly re-caps will also be part of the Monday blogs, so keep an eye on those.

Web Wednesdays are going to be spent highlighting an article or website that I've found online that holds my interest....and hopefully yours as well.  Whether it poses an interesting photography related question or perhaps it's a great tutorial I've come across, this will be where you can find your links to what's new and interesting in the photography world...(or at least to me).

Feature Fridays is the part I'm most excited about.  Each week I will be highlighting a specific photographer and their work.  This is where you'll learn about some of my closest friends that are in the photography industry, but also where you'll learn about the artists that inspire me the most.  Dear friends of mine such as, Gerry Kingsley Photography and Caroline Ross Photography will be featured in the coming weeks.  I'll also be featuring some of those photographers that I don't personally know, but that have captured my heart and soul with their work.  All of the artists that will be featured are incredibly talented and each have their own style and vision, which will be only too evident.

I can't wait to share each of these visionaries with you.

So follow along week by week and learn all about my work, interesting topics in the photography world and all about those that inspire me!